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Introducing Zanco Smart Pen

After years of upsizing, what happens when smartphones try to shrink? Is it possible to put the most important features into a device the size of a pen? We challenged ourselves to create something unique, compact and powerful, something that can help you every day. So, after dedicating over a year on the prototype, we present to you, the Zanco S-Pen (Short for Zanco Smart Pen below), a powerful combination of phone, Bluetooth headset, stylus pen, voice recorder, laser pointer, and much more. It is not expected or intended to replace your Smartphone, but in fact, it can be your smartphone’s best buddy!

Long standby

13 interesting voice changes

The World's Thinnest Mobile Phone


Q:Can I call without inserting a sim card?

A:You can connect your smartphone and S-PEN with Bluetooth.

Q:Do I need to insert my own memory card?

A: You need to use your own memory card to store photos, videos and recordings. S-pen does not come with a memory card.

Q:Where can I find the smallest mobile phone in the world?

A:You can search by ZANCO TINY T1


We created the world's smallest mobile phone. Committed to bringing people back to a calm and simple life.

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